Thursday, September 15


I just thought of a reason to be thankful for yesterday.  Hubby started laundry all on his own.  I didn't have to ask him or tell me which load to do.  He just got it started all on his own!  This doesn't happen often, so I want to acknowledge the special treat. 

I'm trying not to ruin my feel good moment, but I must be honest.  I felt a little aggravation as I took the loads out of the dryer and moved more in.  Hubby was out for his weekly trivia night with a buddy and I had to finish up the laundry he started. I was dead tired, but you can't leave wet clothes sitting in the washer all night and day.  As much as I appreciated his effort when he started, I was mumbling later that if I have to do laundry, I'd much rather do it on my timetable.

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