Sunday, January 15

An even bigger gap

This is my first visit back to the blog since September.  Wow, that was so long ago.  Everything fell apart one Saturday and this blog was the last thing I wanted to do, but the one thing I needed that day.  In the midst of a long day of arguing, I thought about the blog.  I had never told hubby about it. He had made some comment during our discussions that he never felt loved.  I thought I did that on a regular basis, but if those words or cues weren't enough, maybe the blog would be.  I sent him a link to his email, which he didn't see until later that night after I was asleep. This little blog changed the tone of our discussions and ended the arguments.  It reminded us of what was really important and why we stay married.  I guess I did pretty good picking out that title, huh?  LOL 

Even though the argument passed, our crazy schedules did not change.  We traveled several times over the fall, and I had 2 trips for work.  We also had the holiday commotion along with all of the parties, school events, and shopping.  This blog was just not that high on my priority list.  That probably says a lot for how I felt about the marriage during that time too.  Just not that high on the list...  Which leads me to the current state of affairs.  Things are just ok, minor annoyances but no major problems.  This seems like the best time to jump right back into this blog before the wheels fall off again.  So, I am renewing my pledge to blog daily about the reasons I stay married. 

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