Friday, February 3

Baby, Baby, Baby.....oh

Just one little word can turn a bad day into a happy one.

I get up and leave the house long before the family does.  I always try to be extra quiet so I don't wake them up.  After I get ready in the bathroom, I turn off the lights and go into the kitchen to collect my things.  Sometimes, hubby will stir enough to say "be careful" or "love you."  Usually, I just tiptoe out without a sound. 

This morning, before I exited the bathroom, I looked at my cell phone and saw that it was 5:30 already.  Yikes!  I was supposed to be in the car by now.  My mind immediately went into hyper speed...  What do I need to grab from the kitchen, where did I leave my papers, how late am I going to be for work?  I stepped into the bedroom, hoping to avoid the kitty who usually guards the door.  Hubby stirred and said, "Love you baby."  It made me stop in my tracks.  It wasn't just a sleepy, involuntary response, but a sweet, loving comment.  It instantly made me smile and forget I was running late.

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