Thursday, August 18

Animal lover

We were cruising down the main corridor of town, on a 4 lane divided highway.  Across the road, I happen to see a dog walking around at the intersection of a side street.  It was a daschund and he was way too close to the edge of the main highway.  I told hubby to turn around. His first response was why, what are we going to do about it?  But then he turned around for us to go check it out.  As we pulled over where the dog was roaming around, hubby  told me to hop out and grab the dog.  The little dog didn't have on a collar and wasn't close to any house.  When I got out of the car, the dog began barking and backing away from me.  I chased him and got him to run to a nearby house up the street.  I have no idea if he lives there, but at least he was off the street.

Hubby is a kind soul who loves animals.  He stops to move turtles, rescues cats from behind his school, and talks to our fish.

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