Tuesday, August 9

The Big D

I heard a commercial on the radio this morning for divorce attorneys.  It was rather creepy sounding with the announcer explaining that men should not just move out when asked to.  Women and their attorneys will go after data on Facebook, so men should use that angle too.  The whole theme of the commercial is that men are wronged during divorce but this firm can help.  It was all very sad.

Not 30 minutes before this commercial, the DJs were discussing divorce and older couples getting divorced.  One DJ explained how her parents got divorced after she was grown.  She said it was really nice to see them happy with their new partners.  She said it was easier on her to see them happy than living with them being unhappy.  Another DJ disagreed, saying that divorce was the worst experience to live through.

The Big D has only ever been a fleeting thought in our marriage, mostly during the early years.  We don't even allow ourselves that "out" so we have to keep on working to keep this marriage together.  There is just nothing about the process of divorce that sounds comforting or relieving.  I don't know how people can go through with it.  I never could.

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