Monday, August 8

Good cop, bad cop

I heard a guy call into the radio last week about a situation with his kids. His wife was out of town, so he was wondering if he had to bathe his kids while she was gone.  He told the DJs that when Mom is away it is like a vacation from Mom rules, so they were just having a blast doing whatever.  He thought that taking them to the pool everyday was good enough for a bath.  Of course, the callers and the DJs ripped him a new one for not bathing his kids.  It made me think back to the times I am gone for work..... 

My husband is not the babysitter who gets to come in and run the show only when I am out of town.  He is the other parent.  He makes rules and enforces them too.  Sure, they made eat out a little more, or stay up a little later, but that is because that is more hubby's preferences.  He isn't trying to go against my wishes.  He isn't telling our daughter that they are throwing MY rules out the window.  He is my co-parent and our rules stick even when I am not here. 

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