Sunday, August 28

Missed a few days

This has been a crazy, hectic week for us.  Hubby and daughter started back to school, at their new school. We've had to learn the new rules and make sure they have completed the various forms every day.  The new year is always hectic but this year was even more. To make matters worse, our Girl Scout troop started back up this week so I had to do a lot of prep for that.  I haven't posted any this week because I just didn't have time. 

I will give hubby a gold star for taking daughter bowling yesterday. We signed her up for a fall league for the first time.  She is really enjoying it so far.  I don't mind bowling, or even watching, but the smell in the bowling alley makes me sick.  I think it is the oil or whatever they put on the lanes.  It is like trying to breathe in motor oil.  My sinuses and allergies are already giving me problems, so I just couldn't bear the smell.  Hubby gladly took daughter to bowling and I stayed home to get things done here. 

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