Monday, August 1

The Big Picture

Are men capable of multitasking?  Of seeing the big picture?  Seeing ahead to how the project may actually end up?  If a man can do all of that, I want to meet him!

I've noticed over the last few weeks how often men are excused for their inability to see past the present moment.  For example....  I have been helping hubby clean his new classroom and get ready for the school year to begin.  While I was moving around putting up posters, cleaning desks, and organizing the cabinet, he was cleaning the refrigerator. And cleaning the refrigerator.  And STILL cleaning that refrigerator.  I finally had to ask him what was taking so long.  He didn't think to clean it out at the end of the previous school year, so now it was really nasty.  A quick wipe down back in May would have saved a lot of time now!  So while I was moving the unused posters to the cabinet, moving the pencils and erasers from the cabinet to the cubbies, and cleaning the cubicles, he was working the refrigerator.   Multitasking is just not something he can do.

I posted a picture already of the great planter hubby built.  It is really cool and I am very impressed that he made it without any directions.  However, he hung it right on the way of seeing to the playground in the backyard from the table. I would have looked at all of the porch railings and tried to find a spot that didn't obstruct our view or get in the way.  That just never occurred to him.

So, why do I stay married??  Oh yeah, I need to find a positive thing out of this frustration.  Hmmm...I stay married because it keeps my mind keen helping my hubby think through situations and get more things done.  LOL

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