Saturday, August 20

Just a math teacher

The friend we went to visit today at the airport was on his way to Afghanistan.  He is a helicopter pilot and he was going to work over there for the next 6 weeks.  He has a wife and 2 children back home.  Hubby loved hearing some tales from the different types of missions that the pilot has done.  It was exciting to hear about the movie star being carried into a remote location.  It was amazing to hear about the technical aspects of the helicopters and what they can do. It was funny to hear how the pilot was trying to communicate safety to a group of Mexican pipeline workers who didn't speak English.

At one point hubby commented that he is just a math teacher.  I felt like he was selling himself short in so many ways! He is an amazing teacher. He not only teaches kids how to solve an equation, but he shows them that they can work through anything.  He cares about them when maybe no one else does.  He roots for their success and applauds their accomplishments. He does all of that and gets to come home to his wife and daughter everyday.  He doesn't have to leave us for extended time periods to go work. He gets to make a good living doing something he really enjoys.  He isn't just a math teacher! He is one heck of an awesome math teacher!

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