Wednesday, August 17

Eternal companion

One of the lessons in church this week was about eternal marriage, not just in this life but for all eternity.  We believe we can stay with our spouses after the resurrection.  We believe that the whole purpose of this mortal life fails without marriage.  During class, everyone shared their views on this principle.  It was interesting to hear everyone's view on marriage and the belief that it will continue after death.  It was a recurring theme that most everyone viewed marriage as a singular event, not something to be taken lightly, or ended when the road got too tough.  One woman shared her view that we will be the best possible versions of ourselves in the next life.  We have so many challenges in this mortal life that we aren't always acting on our best behavior and doing the things we should be doing.  However, we should look at our spouse and know that despite any issues now, we will get to know their true goodness and spirit in the future.

I am lucky that I have married a man who believes in eternal marriage, and who knows that he wants to spend eternity with me.

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