Sunday, August 28

Lean on me

Not only does hubby have a lot of new things to learn at the new school, but the students are also facing big changes.  On the first day, the high school students learned they would not be allowed to carry any electronics.  I guess it was acceptable last year to have an MP3 player during lunch, but not anymore.

On Monday, one young lady separated herself from the group during lunch and was voicing her anger over the new rules.  Even though hubby didn't know her, he tried to talk to her and get to the real problem.  Sure, she was upset over losing that little escape by listening to her music, but her anger was really due to other things.  Her group of friends had parted ways for this school year since they all decided to attend another school.  This young lady was left at the school without her friends and support network.  Hubby went out of his way to talk with her and try to include her with the other students. When I visited his class on Friday, she was eating with the other high school students, laughing, and joining in the conversation.

Hubby has a big heart, and he really tries to understand and listen to his students.

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