Sunday, August 28

Expand your horizons

I think all women need a partner, a man, to question us and make us really explore the things we do and believe.  They help us to evaluate our lives and see things in a way that only a testosterone-driven individual will see.  Surrounding yourself with like minded people will not help you to grow and expand your views. We need a husband to question our beliefs, our actions, and our thoughts to make us better people.  Whether it is questioning why we hang our bras to dry, or why we need shopping lists for every store, or why we dunk our cookies in milk, those little queries give us reason to pause and reflect.  Why am I doing this?  'Because I always have.'  But what if there is a better way?  What if drying our work pants on high really is faster, or not rinsing the dishes saves water?  Having a hubby around to question us not only irritates us, but it really does make us a better woman.

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